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 Computers, text messages, email Computers

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Computers, text messages, email
Many words relating to computers have become part of the daily language. Here is a
guide to using your computer in English.
Using a computer
When your computer is ready to use, the first thing you see is the desktop. This is an
area of the screen that displays icons of programs installed on your computer.
All the programs on the computer are called software.
To start using a program, click on its icon. This should open in a new area of the
screen called a window.
When you save information, you can save it to your hard disk (also called a hard
drive) or on a floppy disk. Large amounts of information can be copied (also
written or burned) onto a CD. Most computers also have a DVD drive so that you
can play DVDs.
If your computer crashes, you might have to restart it.
The Internet
To surf the Internet (also called theWeb), you need to be connected to it with a
modem. You will also need a browser, which is software that enables you to view
web pages.
To go to a particular website you need to type in its URL or web address. If you are
not sure of the exact web address or want to search for particular information, you
can use a search engine. Once you have found the site you want, you can browse
the pages using menus and links. If there is too much text on the screen, you may
have to scroll down to find what you need.
You can download software (programs) from the Internet. This includes freeware
(which is free) and shareware (which you can try for free and pay for later).
You need to be careful not to get a computer virus from the Internet. You can buy
anti-virus software to help you do this.
Text messages
Text messages are short written messages between mobile phones. Text messaging is
sometimes called SMS (short messaging service). Because it takes a long time to type
in full words, text messages often contain abbreviations:
B = be U= you @= at
C = see 2 = to or too CU @ 7 = See you at seven.
R= are 4 = for How R U? = How are you?
It is common to miss out vowels in some words:
txt = text msg = message
other abbreviations include:
b4 = before l8r = later gr8 = great 2day = today 2morrow= tomorrow
centre 24 STUDY PAGES
In email and other computer applications (for example chat rooms) people also use
unusual kinds of English. Internet abbreviations are sometimes used, taking the
first letter from longer phrases: Emoticons or ‘smileys’ are also common. These are
punctuation marks used to show your feelings. Here are some examples:
FYI = for your information ;-) = joking
BTW = by the way :-) = happy
LOL = laughing out loud :-( = sad
Writing emails
People communicate using email for many different reasons. It can be used to send
single word answers, formal documents or even jokes. The way you write your email
depends on how well you know the person you are sending it to. People often write
emails in the same way they speak so it is typically less formal than other forms of
Notes on writing emails:
• Do not write in capitals because it looks as if you are SHOUTING.
• You can use *asterisks* to emphasise something important: Please note there is
*no* meeting today.
• Use _underscores_ for titles or something you want to underline.
• /Slashes/ can be used around a word or phrase that you want to put in italics.
STUDY PAGES centre 25
files which
you are
with the
Emails can
start like
but often
this is left
out. You
can start
an email
name or
with ”Hello”
or “Hi!”
the email
address of
who you
want to
have a copy
of the
known as
To: Mairi MacDonald
From: Harriet Dufton <hdufton@mellor.net>
Subject: party
Cc: annbarber@mail.com
Attached: C:\My Documents\map.doc;
Sat 29th July - We are having a house-warming
party and it would be great if you could come - you
are more than welcome to stay over -
I think Ann is coming too
Thanks for your email - I will talk to you properly –
email soon - lots to catch up on !!! But I just
wanted to check if you could come to our party – if
you are able to come then I can pick you up at the
Anyway - talk to you soon and hopefully see you
soon too !
Harriett xxx
If you know
the other
person well,
it is not
necessary to
write in
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Computers, text messages, email Computers
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